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SPORT Discus Video Guides

We have produced a number of short video clips to show you how to access and use the main database for sport related information, SPORT Discus.

Use the video player's features to start, stop, pause, go forward and back in the presentation.  You may also need to use the scroll bar on your browser.

Depending on the way that your pc is set up, you may need to download a free player to view the video collection.  Players can be downloaded from the following sites:

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Real Player


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of these video clips you should:

  • Understand what SPORT Discus is and be able to access it.

  • Be able to carry out a Basic Search.

  • Be able to carry out an Advanced Search using advanced searching techniques.

  • Be able to create a Personal Account and save your search.

  • Be able to add items to a folder and export to Refworks.

If you need help using SPORT Discus or any of our other Library resources please contact the Library subject team for your faculty.


No. Video Clip Title Coverage Duration
1 Introduction Accessing SPORT Discus from the Portal. 1.34 mins.
2 Basic Search How to carry out a Basic Search and access the full text of an article using  UU Find It.  2.26 mins.
3 Advanced Search Techniques How to plan a search and use AND, OR, NOT as well as truncation, phrase searching and wildcards.  2.58 mins.
4 Field and Thesarus Searching How to search specific record fields such as Author and Title and how to search using the Sport Discus subject term thesarus. 2.43 mins.
5 Limit a Search Refining a search using the pre-set SPORT Discus limiters.  1.16 mins.
6 Saving a search and creating a Personal Account. Create an indivdual account within SPORT Discus to save searches which you can they retrieve and reuse at a later time. 2.17 mins.
7 Saving to a Folder and Exporting to Refworks. Save articles to folders and export to the online bibliographic management database Refworks. 3.15 mins.

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