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University of Ulster Sociology Resources


GATEWAY SITES: Subject gateways provide an access point to subject specific information on the Internet.  The information included in subject gateways is normally high quality information which has been evaluated against certain criteria before it is included.
INTUTE Social Sciences


Intute is a searchable portal of web resources, collated and evaluated by subject specialists. At the Intute Social Sciences home page, you get headings such as Anthropology, Women's Studies and Sociology.  Each section is further broken down into detailed sub-topics making browsing to top quality resources much easier.
BUBL BUBL Information Service. Click on Subject Menus to browse through Social Science areas or chose the Dewey area 301-306 on the class listing. Alternatively, at the Home page, click on one of the  "A - Z"  options and jump straight to sociology and related topics.

Useful Sociology related Sites

One World.Net Described as "one of the best development sites on the web". It contains topic and country guides with extensive news and information resources.


Sociology Central Extensive site geared towards the beginner sociology student, with study guides, overviews and links.


SocioSite A Dutch site with excellent resources, especially good bibliographical index of classical and modern theorists; an excellent subject breakdown of sociological terms and issues, and a range of related web links.

Pop Politics PopPolitics is a U.S. online magazine that blends pop culture and politics and covers the connections between them.  Sections such as Culture Clash offer different topics every two months. It is full text and contains an archive.

Sociological Tour through Cyberspace Hosted by the Trinity University, Texas, this very comprehensive page provides links for subjects such as Gender, Race and Ethnicity, demography, mass media, Anthropology, Sociological theory and many other sociology related topics.

Northern Ireland Social and Political Archive
A joint resource between the two Northern Ireland universities, ARK (the Northern Ireland Social and Political Archive), contains excellent links to Northern Ireland related sites, including the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, SOL - Surveys Online, ORB - the Online Research Bank and many other essential resources.

Conflict Archive on the Internet

This site contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. 
There is also information on politics in the region and Northern Ireland society. 
New material is added regularly to the site and there are also frequent updates. An excellent resource on the conflict in Northern Ireland. 
Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity


INCORE  was set up in 1993 by the University of Ulster and the United Nations University to undertake research and policy work that is useful to the resolution of ethnic, political and religious conflicts. It contains the Confict Data Services database, as well as full text articles.
Global Site


This open-access, multi-lingual site  publishes authoritative work addressing the interdisciplinary intellectual challenges for critical social science in the global era. While the main site is currently offline, there are a number of good subject links, e.g. such as sociology development and globalization


Migration Policy Institute Not for profit site listing information on the issue of migration, immigration and population movements. Contains extensive information and statistics on population movements. Links also to Migration Information Source, which has a Global Data Center which allows you to track immigrant/migrant population percentages of  'western' countries


American Sociological Association Theory Group Deals extensively with Classical and modern sociological theory. Access to full-text of 'Perspectives' the online newsletter. The Resources section contains articles and syllabi on teaching sociologyand a very good links page to Classical and Modern/contemporary sociological thought

openDemocracy This site seeks to provide free access to information on democracy and power; the nature of globalism; population movements and migration of peoples, multiculturalism etc. Some full-text articles and features.

Sociology Online This is a very useful resource for sociology students. As well as access to SocioNews, it also has links to Classical and postmodern sociological theorists. There is an  A-Z Global Directory and a section on politics and sociology.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation  "...the UK's largest independent social research and development charity.  It supports a wide programme of research and development projects in the fields of housing, social care and disability, young people, families, and work, income and social policy".

There are summaries of research findings, and links, for example, to the electronic journal "Sociological Research Online".

United National Development Programme UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. Extensive access to full text publications on a range of topics, news information, statistics and regional breakdowns.


Oxfam The Resources section contains policy papers and reports covering issues including poverty, gender equality, climate change, globalization and development.

Depending on the topic, why not also check the guides for Social Policy, Social Work and Statistics where you may find additional useful information.


Contact Details for Social Sciences Library Subject Team
Niall Burns Sub-Librarian +44 (0)28 9036 6970 nd.burns@ulster.ac.uk 
Jane Starrs Coleraine Library +44 (0)28 7032 4158 jm.starrs@ulster.ac.uk 
Joanne Knox Jordanstown Library +44 (0)28 9036 8178 j.knox@ulster.ac.uk 
Janice McQuilkin Magee Library +44 (0)28 7167 5066 j.mcquilkin@ulster.ac.uk 

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Last updated: 07/07/10
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