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Accessing other Library Catalogues

Almost all university catalogues are freely available online. In Northern Ireland, there are the catalogues for Queen's University Belfast, the Linenhall Library and the collections of the many public libraries - many of which hold valuable research information.

In addition, the HERO site provides links to all UK higher education Library catalogues (or OPACS) and most of those in the Republic of Ireland.

Major research collections can be accessed via COPAC - 24 of the UK and Ireland largest research libraries, including the British Library, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Trinity College Dublin, the National Libraries of Wales and Scotland etc. You can also separately search the British Library catalogues, containing over 6 million items

Borrowing from other libraries


Members of academic staff and research students may apply to join the SCONUL Access scheme which allows users to borrow books from over 125 higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland.  Click on the link above for details on the scheme and an application form.

Criteria are that applicants are in good standing with their home library and have no overdue books or outstanding fines.  Cards are valid for one year from the date of issue and must be renewed annually.

British Library

The British Library allows access to their London Reading Rooms for researchers. The Library's collection of over 160 million items includes books, newspapers, patents, maps and manuscripts. To gain access to the Reading Rooms it is necessary to apply for a Readers Pass. Details on how to apply for a Pass are available at:  http://www.bl.uk/services/reading/admissions.html

Library Travel Fund and Alumni Fund Travel Scholarship

Research students may need to visit other institutions in Ireland or the rest of the UK. Travel Fund requests  require countersignatures from academic staff.  To download the relevant documentation and for more information, go to Travel Funds.

Collections and Information Access Policy

The Library's primary aim is to serve the members of the University and, as far as resources permit, to meet their information needs for teaching, study and research. A secondary aim is to support the wider community in accordance with the University's various outreach activities. To fulfil these aims it must ensure that it provides information resources in whatever form necessary to support all areas of the University's teaching, learning, research and technology transfer.

For more information on the specifics of stock acquisition, retention and withdrawal, see the Collections and Information Access Policy.

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