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University of Ulster Law RESOURCES

Law Books


Finding books

Legal dictionaries and encyclopaedia

Finding books

Books are the best place to start when you need an overview of the law in a particular subject area.  The major law textbooks will indicate the relevant case law and legislation in the subject they cover.  Cases and materials law textbooks are particularly useful if you need more extensive summaries of  cases and extracts from relevant legislation.  
Some examples of such textbooks are:

The l
aw is constantly being revised, so make sure you use the most recent edition available or take extra steps to confirm the information in an older edition is still valid. Use the Library catalogue to search for the most recent books on your topic.

Library catalogue

You should use the library catalogue to find out what books are available in the library and where they are shelved. When you have found the book you need in the library catalogue make a note of its shelf mark (classification). There are a range of searches possible including the following:

  • Author/Keyword or Author/Title
    Use this search if you are looking for a book when you have the author and title details.
    For example:


  • Keyword
    Use this search to find books on a particular law topic. For example:


Finding books on the shelves

The campus Libraries use two separate methods of classifying books: Belfast and Jordanstown use Dewey Decimal but Coleraine and Magee use Library of Congress. 

Broadly speaking Law is classified at 340 in Dewey and at K in Library of Congress (LC)

The following are two lists of relevant subject areas for law students reflecting the major divisions within Dewey and LC:

Library of Congress - used at Magee and Coleraine


Journals & Reference books, dictionaries & encyclopaedia
e.g. legal dictionaries = K120 
KA Jurisprudence  
e.g. Sociology of Law = KA60 
KB Comparative Law
e.g. Civil Law compared to Common Law = KB120
KC International Law 
e.g. Human Rights = KC200 
KD Religious legal systems
e.g. Islamic law = KD600-680 
KE Ancient and Medieval Law 
e.g. Roman law = KE100-250 
KF - KH Primary materials ( Legislation treaties etc.) 
e.g. British Isles = KF 
KL Common law - General 
e.g. Northern Ireland Legal System = KL14, Legal Skills = KL130-155 
KM Public Law 
e.g. Constitutional & Administrative Law = KM31 and Criminal law = KM500-690 
KN Private Law 
e.g. Tort = KN10-39, Land Law = KN60, Family Law = KN170, Evidence = KN390
KP - KV Other modern legal systems 
e.g. Africa = KR 
KW European Community Law
e.g. Constitutional law in Europe = KW84
Dewey Decimal - used at Jordanstown
340 Jurisprudence 
e.g. Legal systems = 340.5, Comparative Law = 340.2
341 International Law 
e.g. Diplomatic Law = 342.33, European Law = 341.2422, Human Rights = 341.481
342 Constitutional & Administrative Law
e.g. Constitutional law of British Isles = 342.42, Civil Liberties = 342.42085
343 Military, Tax, Trade, Industrial Law 
e.g. Tax law = 343.42052
344 Labour, Social, Education, Cultural Law 
e.g. Law of education = 344.4207
345 Criminal Law 
e.g. Sentencing = 345.42077
346 Private Law
e.g. Land Law = 346.42043, Family Law = 346.42015, Tort = 346.4203, Company Law = 346.42066
347 Civil procedure & courts 
e.g.  Law of Evidence = 345.4206
348 Law (Statutes), Regulations, Cases
e.g. Northern Ireland Statues = 348.416022
349 Law of specific jurisdictions & areas 
e.g. Principles of Irish Law = 349.417

Legal dictionaries and encyclopaedia

Oxford Reference Online provides a Dictionary of Law and the New Oxford Companion to Law online.

The library holds a range of print legal dictionaries which will help you check the meaning of  legal terminology and legal Latin phrases, including:

LexisLibrary also provides access to

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