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for  Transitional Justice

There are a number of FREE Internet resources which cover the subject of transitional justice, reconciliation, and the governance of societies emerging from conflict.

See also: Human Rights links

See also: Gateway sites

GRC Exchange

Click on Justice from the left-hand side index for useful information on Transitional Justice amongst other relevant topics. Access to some very good full text documents and summary access to others. Very useful links to Truth Commissions around the world

  International Centre for Transitional Justice

New York based site which provides comparative information, legal and policy analysis, documentation, and strategic research to justice and truth-seeking institutions, nongovernmental organizations, governments and others. Access to many full text publications and reports.

Transitional Justice Institute - University of Ulster

Website of the Institute based at the University of Ulster. The site contains News and Profiles of the various members and information on publications of the Institute staff (with links to full text material where available) and a good links page.

  INCORE - International Conflict Research

Joint project of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University. Covering amongst other related topics, Governance and Transition. Access to full text of briefing documents, occasional and working papers, both in-house and many of those published in other journals or academic publications

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - IDEA

Click on 'Publications' for full-text country-specific reports on a range of countries undergoing transition, including an analysis of democracy in individual countries and the full text version of 'Reconciliation after Violent Conflict - A Handbook'. The site also includes links to Democracy Building and conflict Management

  Conciliation Resources

Conciliation Resources (CR) serves as an international resource for local organizations pursuing peace-building and conflict resolution initiatives. Full text access to 'occasional reports' , annual reports, access to the 'Accord' series of documents ranging from Angola to Northern Ireland to Tajikistan and project information on a range of countries.

Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

South African site, concentrating mostly on the issue of transitional justice and reconciliation in South Africa, but does look at other African countries and seeks in use the South African experience to guide other post conflict societies. Site contains full text articles, monographs and research papers, and a search bibliographic database on the subject of transitional justice.

  Peacemakers Trust

A Canadian organization looking at the issues of Conflict Resolution including conflict transformation. It provides access to case studies and a significant bibliography of resources on a range of related subjects. Topics include, alternative dispute resolution, restorative justice, and reconciliation and transitional justice. It also contains individual bibliographies for a number of specific countries, e.g. Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

United States Institute of Peace

See Resources and Tools for access to the Peace Agreements Digital Collection and Truth Commissions Digital Collection. Much of this is full text and covers  countries across the globe, including the Congo, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Bolivia, Guatemala, East Timor etc. A few of the full text agreements are in the original language but most are in English.

  International Crisis Group

Although dealing more generally with the issue of conflict around the world, this site does contain a useful Maps database, and CrisisWatch and Conflict Histories databases. Search by keyword  for information on Transitional Justice and Conflict Resolution.

Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is a multi-disciplinary South African non-governmental organisation. Since its inception in 1989, the CSVR has been dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to peaceful and fundamental transformation in South Africa, and in the Southern African region. Contains excellent links to transitional justice and reconciliation in Africa and beyond.

  Public International Law and Policy Group

The Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) ... [provides] free legal assistance to developing states and sub-state entities involved in conflicts.

The site contains considerable information on all aspects of post conflict societies, peace building and international justice institutions.

Transitional Justice Forum

"Resources and multi-disciplinary discussion on the challenges of justice during transitions to a better world" Full-text articles, discussions and excellent links

  International Internet Bibliography on Transitional Justice

Bibliography  2000 specialising on Germany and South Africa. Includes Information on Truth Commissions in a variety of countries and a useful links section.

Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

The Anthony Hyman Memorial Lecture, SOAS 2003

  Neighbour to the Assassin: Transitional Justice in Guatemala -

 Miriam Schulman,  Markkula Center for Ethics


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