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for Law Students

The following sites are a small selection of those FREELY available.

See also: Legal Profession

LSE SU Inns of Court Society

Includes useful practical tips and guides to mooting practice.

Delia Venables' Law Pages - Resources for Students

Lists of course, career links, free articles, links and loads of other information


Over 50 pages of information on Mooting - what it is; the principles behind it; how to structure and take part in a moot and other useful hints; other mooting links and recommended books.

International Law Students Association

Mostly US based organisation. However the site contains full text access to recent issues of the ISLA Journal, information on the Jessup Moot and news about Association activities.

Oxford University Press Mooting Information

Short overview of what mooting is and how to go about it.

  Chambers and Partners Student Guide

Concentrating on England and Wales, nevertheless this is a helpful guide to employment prospects for law graduates, career options, hints on obtaining training positions

Law Society of Northern Ireland

Information on the Society, Guidance for Students wishing to become a Solicitor, free access to The Writ, the Society's journal, information on events, lists of material and judgments added to the Law society Library. Some resources are restricted to Members only.

Law Careers Network

The Law Careers Advice Network aims to promote and enhance understanding in the student population in schools, further and higher education institutions about the opportunities available to those who wish to pursue a career in law

Phil Race pages

Phil Race has written many books for students on the areas of study skills, making the most of your learning experience and problems solving. His personal pages have a number of handy hints, preview of chapters of his new books, and downloads.


Divided into two sections - Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, this site gives information on Job vacancies, address lists of solicitors, some articles and downloads.

Diaries of UK Law Students

There are links to a number of entertaining (and occasionally useful) blogs written by law students and newly qualified staff.

European Law Students Association

"ELSA is the world's largest independent law students' association. It comprises a membership close to 30 000 students and recent graduates who are interested in law and have demonstrated commitment to international issues."



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