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for Public Law

The following sites are a small selection of those FREELY available on the topic of Public & Administrative Law

See also: Legal Gateways

Law Commission

Consultations and reports from the Law Commission dealing with a number of relevant topics, e.g. remedies against public bodies, various matters to do with housing  and others. Many of these reports inform the development of subsequent legislation.

  Law Reform Commission of Ireland

The Publications section contains a number of consultations and published reports concerning a range of legal subjects including ,   etc., and many more.

Public Law Project

Information leaflets on such things as Judicial Review, Ombudsmen, Impact of the HRA on Judicial Review etc. Free Downloads available and a number of useful links.

University College London - Constitution Unit

Information on devolution, public scrutiny of parliament, the role of Church and state etc. The site provides access to the newsletter, a list of publications and and archive of relevant reports

Committee on the Administration of Justice

Although primarily dealing with the issues of human and civil rights, the CAJ site does have documents relating to Public Inquiries, public order, and the campaign for a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

  Ministry of Justice

This new ministry takes over from the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Responsibilities include civil law reforms, introduction of a Supreme Court, legal services reforms, devolution issues, mental capacity etc. Some archive documentation still remains on the DCA website and is worth checking out.

Legal Action Group

A range of documents dealing with all aspects of the legal profession including public law issues.

  UK Parliament

Excellent research papers, including a series on Parliament and Constitution, briefing papers, and information on the development of legislation, including a number of very useful links.


Formed in 1957, this site deals with issues of human and civil rights, as well as issues relating to the improvement and reform of the legal system. The site contains a section break down of areas of interest, each with useful information, a list of publications, including some free downloads and parliamentary briefings



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