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Law Resources at the University of Ulster 


 Legal Profession

Many of the major publishers of legal material provide a certain amount of free access to resources via their website.

Professional associations give advice on qualifications and training and individual Schools of Law often have research or publications which you may find useful.

Law Society of Northern Ireland

Information on the Society and its work for anyone wishing to qualify as a solicitor.

Includes guidance for students, links and some full text submissions.

  Graduate School of Professional Legal Education

Sole provider of professional legal education in the north-west of Northern Ireland. Information on applying for solicitor training within the school and details of course content.
Bar Council of England and Wales

Information on qualifications, training, consultation papers and the Bar Directory.

  Institute of Professional Legal Studies - Belfast

Information on applying to study for a postgraduate diploma.

Law Society of Scotland

Information on the Society and its work. Includes famous Scottish cases, principles of Scottish Law and links to free publications

   Law Society of Ireland

Information how to qualify as a solicitor in the Republic of Ireland. It includes access to the Gazette, guidance for students and excellent links pages,

BILETA  - British & Irish Legal Educ. Technology Association

Almost all law teaching institutions in the United Kingdom are members of BILETA. Site has full text access to all BILETA Conference papers and publications.

  BIALL - British & Irish Association of Law Librarians

This site has information, links and full-text documents which you may find useful
UK Council for Legal Education

Promotes the development of learning and teaching in legal education at both the academic and vocational stages. Information includes the use of mooting in legal education, plagiarism, surveys on law students in England and Scotland, best practice for clinical education and how well legal education prepares the student for professional practice. The site also contains a list of Law Schools and entry requirements.

  Legal Action Group

Legal Action Group is a self-financing educational charity which aims to provide greater knowledge of the law and support to lawyers and advisers through its programme of publications and training. The site has information on policy matters, legal services, quality standards and legal aid, as well as a number of other specific information sources.

Society of Legal Scholars

The Society of Legal Scholars is a learned society with charitable status whose aim is the advancement of legal education and scholarship in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Society has an number of Subject Sections - each with their own news and events information, and the web page also contains position papers.

  Inns of Court

Lincolns Inn  Inner Temple  Middle Temple  Grays Inn

Ancient unincorporated bodies of lawyers which have the power to call to the Bar those of their members who have duly qualified for the rank or degree of Barrister-at-Law. 

Law Society of England and Wales 

Includes the latest edition of the Law Society's Gazette, information on training and useful page of legal links.
  Law Schools (UK and Ireland)

From Cambridge University.

Law Publishers

Sweet and Maxwell 

Click on student resources for links to updates of Sweet & Maxwell titles, information on careers and training and links to other legal websites

Major legal publisher, formerly Butterworths.
Office for Official Publications

 European publications, including information on EU Law
  Oxford University Press

Companion sites/updates for OUP texts, links, sample chapters etc.

Cambridge University Press

Sample chapters, online updates of law titles and subject related links.

  Jordan Publishing

The UK's leading independent provider of legal information. Although it covers various legal subjects, it is especially strong in family and child law. Free access to Family Law Update and searchable index to Child and Family Law Quarterly from 1997

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

Includes free access to recent cases, a Student Newsletter and Daily Law Notes



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