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for European Law

The following sites are a small selection of those FREELY available on the topic of the European Union and European institutions.

See also: Finding Case Law

See also: Finding Legislation

See also: EU Information on Lawlinks

Main sites

Gateway to European Resources. Users can consult all legislation currently in force or under discussion, access the websites of each of the EU institutions and find out about the policies administered by the European Union.

The Europe at a Glance section contains the main EU Treaties as well as basic facts and figures..


Part of EUROPA, the EUR-Lex portal is a first step in bringing together the whole body of EU official acts for consultation. The aim is to move towards a streamlined environment for consultation of the legislation in force and of the complete electronic archive of legal and juridical texts from all the institutions

Through EURlex it offers multilingual full-text coverage of a wide range of legal acts and provides access to the founding treaties, as well as to binding and non-binding legislation. Included is also Case-law of the European Court of Justice.

  European Court of Justice 

General information on the Court and other EU institutions. Access to pending cases, judgments (including recently delivered judgments) and access to the Court of First Instance decisions.
European Court of Human Rights

Set up following the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights in 1950, the ECHR is a product of the Council of Europe, a separate organisation from the European Union, but it is an extremely important Court. The HUDOC database contains full text access to human rights case judgments from 1960-
WORLDLii  and BAILii

Collaborative legal information from various global Legal Information Institutes and some Schools of Law

Access to European Court of Justice judgements from 1954-

Access to European Court of Human Rights judgments from 1960- 

EU Law in the UK
House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee

The Committee assesses the legal and/or political importance of each EU document, decides which EU documents are debated, monitors the activities of UK Ministers in the Council, and keeps legal, procedural and institutional developments in the EU under review.

House of Lords Select Committee on Europe

The principal function of the EU Select Committee is to scrutinise EU legislative proposals and the Government's response to them. The EU Committee consists of a single Select Committee and 7 Sub-Committees which deal with specific EU policy areas.

Fact sheet on EU Legislation and UK Law

Useful explanatory fact sheet from the UK Parliament site, describing the integration of EU law into UK jurisdiction

  Northern Ireland Assembly

Check the research publications lists for occasional EU briefing papers.

Other useful sites

Full text of a range of European treaties, including Rome, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice etc.


European Information Association

The European Information Association (EIA) is an international body of information specialists whose aim is to develop, co-ordinate and improve access to EU information. Click on the links option for a comprehensive list of websites of all aspects of EU law, institutions, policy, publishers and terminology

European Union in the US

A very good collection of resources looking at the EU from outside, in this case from the United States. Good overviews, explanations, descriptions with excellent links.  

  Europe in the UK Information Network

This gateway site provides a definitive list of EU Information Providers in Northern Ireland, as well as providing links to a whole host of related European, regional and national websites



European Research Papers Archive: a single point for searching for research papers and publications from several important separate archives.

University of Mannheim European Documentation Centre

The Mannheim EDC offers access to official documents and publications of the EU institutions in printed or electronic version.

Europa Institute - University of Edinburgh

Part of the University of Edinburgh's School of Law. Contents include the Mitchell Working Papers Series, a collection of documents on European legal issues, information on news and activities, including reports of previous conferences and symposia



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