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for Equity & Trusts

The following sites are a small selection of those FREELY available on the topic of Equity and Trusts

See also: Legal Gateways

Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners

STEP provides education, training, representation and networking for its members, who are professionals specialising in trusts and estates, executorship, administration and related taxes. Some material e.g. leaflets is free to download


US site dealing with many aspects of law including Equity & Trusts. Possibly more of interest to those looking at the law from and international angle.

Law Society - Probate Section

Practitioners site with new information, newsletter and some downloads. View also as a member of the public for FAQ leaflets on issues such as making a will etc.

TACT - Association or Corporate Trustees

See Review Index for a full-text list of articles on a range of related topics

Law Commission

Consultations and reports from the Law Commission dealing with a number of relevant topics, e.g. Law Commission website. Includes many important Law Comm. reports including LC260 - Trustees' Powers and Duties and LC251 - The Rules Against Perpetuities and Excessive Accumulations. Many of these reports inform the development of subsequent legislation.

  Law Reform Commission of Ireland

The Publications section contains a number of consultations and published reports concerning a range of legal subjects including The Statutes of Limitation Civil Law of Defamation, Privity of Contract, Multi-Party Litigation (Class Actions)  etc., and many more.

Watt - Trusts & Equity 3rd ed

The publisher website belonging to one of the leading textbooks. The web links section gives relevant commentary and links to topics covered in each of the chapters. Some of the material will be full-text, others will be abstracts only.


James Kessler

Author of Drafting Rules and Trusts in England and Wales. His site contains free articles and documents and includes a STEP guide for Trusts in Northern Ireland as there are several differences between E&W and NI law in this subject


The site provides a free chronological and subject index of case law for a range of legal topics including equity and trusts.


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