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for Criminal Law

The following sites are a selection of those FREELY available on the topic of  Criminal Law

See also: Legal Gateways for many other relevant internet links in this area.

Criminal Justice System of Northern Ireland, comprising: Each separate site has links to policy documents, full text publications, advice and further contact information.
Law Commission - Homicide

List of documents relating to the overview of the law of homicide.

See also the LC Criminal Law team, where you can find information on codifying criminal law and other documents related to the topic.

Other reports include Assisting or encouraging crime


Criminal Justice System for England and Wales

See the CJS tab at the top of the screen for information on the CJS, policy documents, downloads and information leaflets.


Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

The webpage is run by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King's College London.

Crown Prosecution Service for England and Wales

Information about the CPS, details of recent cases, press releases and publications & consultations. Also available is quite detailed information on the relationship between the CPS and the professional lawyer. See the Legal Guidance notes.

  Criminal Cases Review Commission

Commission to investigate possible miscarriages of justice in the UK. Publications section provides downloads of some of the documentation. Also listed are the cases which have been referred to the commission and the site has a useful links section

Home Office - Crime

Policy documents, news, statistics etc. British Crime survey and many other official links.

University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology

Although dealing primarily with the societal aspects of crime, the library section of this site also has an excellent links to resources you may find very useful. 

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