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for Contract & Tort

The following sites are a small selection of those FREELY available on the topic of the Contract and Tort law

See also: Legal Gateways

Lex Mercatoria's Contract Principles

Part of the section on Private International Law, this site lists a number of international links, papers and documents on the issue of contract/commercial law.


US site dealing with many aspects of law including contract. Possibly more of interest to those looking at contract law from and international angle.

Law Lessons from Max Young.

An interesting site, with access access to assistance with contract law problems. It contains lecture notes, tutorial help, quizzes, an essay ranking page, case summaries, contract tips flashcards and much more. You need to register to use the site but this is quick and FREE.

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment

Formerly of Cambridge University, now at the University of Cork, Professor Steve Hedley has created an extensive mixture of articles, famous cases, legislation, reports and commentaries on all aspects of contract law

Law Commission

Consultations and reports from the Law Commission dealing with a number of relevant topics, e.g. Unfair Terms in Contract, Damages for Personal Injury and others. Many of these reports inform the development of subsequent legislation.

  Law Reform Commission of Ireland

The Publications section contains a number of consultations and published reports concerning a range of legal subjects including The Statutes of Limitation Civil Law of Defamation, Privity of Contract, Multi-Party Litigation (Class Actions)  etc., and many more.

European Group on Tort Law

The European Group on Tort Law (formerly also called "Tilburg Group") is a group of scholars in the area of tort law established in 1992. The site contains Principles of European Tort Law - a project to harmonize tort loan in various European countries and includes a number of conventions relating of the area of tort and news information.

Jurist - Torts

Also from the Jurist collection of legal topics. This looks at tort, injury, malpractice, personal injury and product liability. Also from a US point of view, but does contain some international materials


The site provides a free chronological and subject index of case law for a range of legal topics including tort.

Irish Tort Law

Links page from the University of Cork


Ministry of Justice

Ministry responsible for the development of tort and liability law in England and Wales.


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