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Law reports

The University of Ulster's Learning Resource Centres provide access to a wide range of law reporting series both online and in print. You can find out more about these resources below.

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A - Z list of law resources

Finding case law home
Law resources home

Law report citations Electronic law reports Print law reports

Law report citations

  • Case law citations
    Case law citations can be a little confusing at first glance.  However they generally follow a standard format which you will soon get used to if you come across them regularly.  

Airedale NHS Trust v Bland



All ER


Names of parties


Vol no

Law reports abbreviation

Page no

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Electronic law reports

The library has electronic access to many law reporting series.    

The following is a list of the main law reporting series which you can currently access through the library databases.  Please remember that access to individual titles can change and new titles are often added to databases. If  in doubt check the coverage details for each database or ask for help from library staff.  

You may need Athens authentication to access library databases.  Use the Passwords Guide if you need help with Athens or other library passwords.

Law reporting series are also included in the alphabetical full text Electronic Journals List.

Law Report Series


Host Database

All England Law Reports 1936- All England Cases
All England Law Reports Reprint 1558-1935 All England Cases

All England Law Reports (EC)

1995- All England Cases
Appeal Cases (The Law Reports) 1865- Westlaw UK
Building Law Reports 1976- Building Law Reports
Butterworths Company Law Cases 1983- LexisLibrary
Butterworths Medico Legal Reports 1986- LexisLibrary
Butterworths Trading Law Cases 1986-1988 LexisLibrary
Butterworths Workmen's Compensation Cases 1944-1950 LexisLibrary
Chancery Division (The Law Reports) 1865- Westlaw UK
Civil Procedure Law Reports 1999- Westlaw UK
Common Market Law Reports 1962- Westlaw UK
Construction Law Reports 1985- LexisLibrary
Criminal Appeal Reports 1967- Westlaw UK
Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) 1979- Westlaw UK
De-Rating Appeals 1950-1961 LexisLibrary
Entertainment and Media Law Reports 1993- Westlaw UK
Environmental Law Reports 1993- Westlaw UK
Estates Gazette 1945- LexisLibrary
Estates Gazette Digest 1945-1983 LexisLibrary
Estates Gazette Law Reports 1985-
Estates Gazette Interactive
European Commercial Cases 1978- Westlaw UK
European Copyright & Design Reports 2000- Westlaw UK
European Court Reports 1951- Justis
European Human Rights Reports 1979- Westlaw UK
European National Patent Reports 2000- Westlaw UK
European Patent Office Reports 1979- Westlaw UK
European Trade Mark Reports 1996- Westlaw UK
Family Division  (The Law Reports) 1865- Westlaw UK
Family Court Reporter 1990-1997(parallel),1998- LexisLibrary
Family Law Reports 1984- LexisLibrary
Fleet Street Reports 1966- Westlaw UK
Human Rights Law Reports (UK) 2000- Westlaw UK
Industrial Relations Law Reports 1972- LexisLibrary
Industrial Tribunal Reports 1968-1977 LexisLibrary
Insurance Law Reports 1942-1983 LexisLibrary
Int'l Litigation Procedure 1990- Westlaw UK
Irish Reports 1950- LexisLibrary
Irish Unreported Cases 1985- LexisLibrary
Knights Industrial Reports 1961-1974 LexisLibrary
The Law Reports (A.C., Q.B., Ch., Fam.) 1865-
Westlaw UK
Landlord and Tenant Reports 1998- Westlaw UK
Law Journal Reports 1946-1949 LexisLibrary
Law Times Reports 1918-1965 LexisLibrary
Legal Decisions Affecting Bankers 1945-1986 LexisLibrary
Lloyd's Law Reports 1951-
Westlaw UK
Northern Ireland Law Reports 1945- LexisLibrary

Northern Ireland Unreported Judgments
1984- LexisLibrary
Planning Law Reports 1988- Estates Gazette Interactive
Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports 1992- Westlaw UK
Professional Negligence and Liability Reports 1992- Westlaw UK
Property Planning and Compensation Reports 2002- Westlaw UK
Queen's Bench Div (The Law Reports) 1865- Westlaw UK
Rating and Income Tax Reports 1946-1961 LexisLibrary
Rating and Valuation Reporter 1961- LexisLibrary
Rating Appeals 1961- LexisLibrary
Reports of Patent Cases 1977-
Westlaw UK
Ryde's Rating Cases 1956-1979 LexisLibrary
Scots Law Times 1893- Westlaw UK
Scottish Reported Cases (selected) 1930- LexisLibrary
Scottish Unreported Cases (selected) 1980- LexisLibrary
Simon's Tax Cases 1973- LexisLibrary
Simon's Tax Cases (Special Commissioner' Decisions) 1995- LexisLibrary
Tax Cases 1875- LexisLibrary
Weekly Law Reports 1953- Justis

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Print law reports series

In addition to electronic resources the library subscribes to a large number of print law reports.  You can find out whether a particular law reporting series is kept in the library by using the title search option of the library catalogue.  Remember to limit your search to Journals by using the drop down menu and do not use abbreviations.
Journals, including law reports, cannot be removed from the library although they may be photocopied in accordance with copyright law.
If you cannot find the journals shelves or cannot locate a specific issue, speak to a member of library staff.

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Law resources home


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