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Sources of Information

Having defined your subject and listed possible keywords, you can start thinking about the information sources you should use. Remember that your Subject Librarian can point you in the right direction if required.

The main sources are:

General Reference Works: An excellent source of background and introductory information. Remember, many reference sources are now available electronically.

Library Catalogue: Search the Library's book stock for items relating to your subject. The catalogue will also give you details about our printed journals, theses, non-book media and other Library stock.

Journals: Journals are the best source of up-to-date information and recent research. The Library has print-based journals, which you’ll find on the shelves, and approximately 22,000 electronic journals (e-journals), many of which can be accessed off-campus.

Databases: Search hundreds (sometimes thousands) of sources for specific subject information at the same time. Online databases are a key part of the Library's extensive collection of Electronic Resources and should be used in preference to internet search engines such as Google.

The Internet: There are a multitude of web-based resources available, though special care needs to be taken when selecting appropriate sites. You find lists of good quality web sites on the Library’s Subject Guide pages as well as help evaluating those resources.

Last updated: 08/05/14
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