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Welcome to the Information Skills module.

The aim of this module is to help you search effectively for information for your assignments and projects.  In other words, it will show you how to carry out a successful literature search.  You’ll learn how to:

1.      Define your research topic.

2.      Identify your search terms.

3.      Combine your search terms to improve your search.

4.      Choose the most relevant sources.

5.      Evaluate and manage your results.

6.      Identify sources that will keep you up to date.

To get the most from the module, we recommend that you work through all the topics displayed on the menu to the left of the screen.


Throughout this module you will see links to short videos which are part of  Cardiff University's Information Literacy Resource Bank. We recommend that you watch these as they illustrate the different stages of searching and the sources you can use in an engaging and entertaining way.  They follow the routes taken by two students - one who searches effectively and efficiently and the other who wastes a lot time .  And, whilst they show how to search from a Cardiff University student's perspective the techniques and thought processes used will be the same for University of Ulster students.

Last updated: 08/05/14
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