Service Description

The library will promote and deliver introductory classes on using the Refworks bibliographic management service for the effective organisation of references, and the production of a bibliography in their preferred referencing style. These classes will run twice a month during term-time and will last about 2 hours.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to better manage their bibliographic references through:

  • Importing references into Refworks using a variety of methods
  • Creating a database of references and organise references into folders
  • Creating a bibliography using a preferred citation style
  • Writing a paper with in-text citations in their preferred citation style using the Write-N-Cite function
  • Creating a bibliography of their references in their preferred referencing style.
Individual assistance is available at all times that the Library is open. During office hours, this assistance will be provided by a member of the faculty subject team. In the evening and at weekends, the assistance will be provided by a member of library staff with general knowledge of all subject areas. Outside of office hours, students may also submit their queries by email or voicemail to any member of their subject team with an expectation that a response will be provided by the next working day.

Students who wish to attend a class should book through the Refworks Training Course Application Form.

Who can avail of the service?

All students at all levels who need help in managing their references for coursework, thesis or publication. Students need to be fully registered with an Ulster email account and a network password.