Service Description

Students and Staff of Ulster University can request books, theses, articles and other media that are not stocked or already made available electronically by the Ulster University Library Service. Only fully registered staff and students of the University may use the Document Delivery service.

The service offers our borrowers access to a collection of materials - books, articles and other items - that is much wider than the collection of the Ulster University Library. This will particularly benefit research and more advanced study. Requests can be made at any time via online form. These requests are processed as soon as possible during normal library opening hours. The length of time it takes for requests to be fulfilled depends on the external body supplying the material to us.

There are limits on the number of requests that can be made by each borrower each week. Some items - books or theses - may have restrictions placed on their use because of their rarity, value or because of copyright issues - i.e. borrowers may only be allowed to consult items within our library.

Who can avail of the service?

Ulster University students and staff.

Link to Service

Library Document Delivery