Service Description

This service provides a number of channels for feedback in our Library Service, and also allows us to discuss and inform users about our services. The main formal consultation process involves regular meetings between representatives of the Library, Computing, and Reprographics services and representatives of the Students Union for each campus. More information about the process, minutes of meetings etc. can be found in the Student Charter.

Issues of concern to students about the Library service can be brought to our attention through this formal process. Many changes to the library service have stemmed from suggestions made at our liaison meetings. This has resulted in a more user-focussed service for our students. The Library also gets the chance to outline upcoming changes and raise awareness of new services. Meetings take place twice a year, but students can make submissions to their representatives at any time.

Students can contact the elected Campus Students Union reps in person or by email with any issue of concern. They can expect Reps to raise the issue and report back to them on any outcome.

Who can avail of the service?

All Ulster University students can contribute to this process by making their submissions to their campus student union reps. Usually, only elected students union reps will actually attend our regular ISD / Students Union liaison meetings. Notes of each meeting are posted on the University website and any student can review the process. Participants must be a Ulster University student.

Link to Service

ISD & Library Student Liaison Meetings