Service Description

Subject Librarians meet with academic staff and students through formal and informal means. These meetings may be used to gather feedback on the Library's services or to pass on information on library developments. All Sub-Librarians attend Faculty meetings such as Faculty Boards and Teaching and Learning Committees where library issues may be discussed and agreed upon. Subject Librarians may also be invited to attend Faculty-arranged Staff-Student Consultation Meetings which are held once a semester with module coordinators and student representatives. More informally, Sub-Librarians will arrange to meet with senior academic staff to discuss and reach agreement on the budget proposals for the coming year. Consultation with Student Union representatives takes place through the twice yearly Liaison meetings.

Consultations between subject librarians, academic staff and students helps ensure that the library is able to tailor its services and facilities better to meet the changing needs of its users. Faculty meetings provide a forum for discussing library issues with users and for gathering feedback. Meetings with senior academic staff to finalise the faculty's requirements for Library provision in the coming year helps ensure that available funds are allocated effectively according to existing priorities and future developments. Minutes of formal meetings are taken along with agreed actions.

Faculty meetings are pre-arranged well in advance by staff in the administrative office. Informal meetings between subject librarians and academic staff on a library issue is required.

The timetable for Faculty meetings (Faculty Board; Teaching and Learning Committee etc.) are usually posted onto the Faculty Intranet. Subject librarian invites to attend Staff-Student Consultation Meetings by academic staff are made at the time of arranging these meetings. Students Union Liaison meetings are held twice a year at Belfast/Jordanstown and Coleraine/Magee.

Who can avail of the service?

Formal meetings are arranged in advance by the staff of the Faculty's Administrative Office. Informal meetings are usually prompted by the subject librarian to discuss a particular library issue where faculty input is required.

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