New E-Resource Trial: The Telegraph Historical Archive    [13/02/18]

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The Library's subject teams regularly trial the latest databases & e-resources to support your studies. The latest trial e-resource is:

The Telegraph Historical Archive

Supplied by Gale, The Telegraph Historical Archive includes 1 million+ pages of content covering 1855-2000, with the Sunday edition from its inception in 1961.

Launched in 1855, The Telegraph was the first 1d (old penny sterling) morning paper. By 1876, The Telegraph was the largest-selling newspaper in the world, with a circulation of 300,000. During the twentieth century, The Telegraph cemented its reputation as a pioneering yet reliable source of news reporting. The Telegraph's commitment to lively copy was matched by its desire to position itself at the forefront of journalistic innovation; it published the first crossword to appear in a newspaper in 1925, the first television column in 1935, and became the first British newspaper to launch a website in 1994.

The publication of The Telegraph is generally seen by press historians as the start of a new era of journalism that emerged following the repeal of the stamp duty, marking the first step towards the mass-market journalism of the Daily Mail. This makes The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000 a valuable addition to coverage of the 'quality' UK press, providing an important alternative voice to its other national UK dailies such as The Times and The Independent.

Your feedback on The Telegraph Historical Archive trial is appreciated.
Trial ends: 07/03/18.


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