Do surveys make a difference? 

From the 2005 LIBQUAL+TM survey the general view of the Library services at the University of Ulster was positive.

Overall, the Library attitude, behaviour, knowledge and skill of library staff members and their willingness to help more than exceed  your minimum expectations.

You were, in the main, satisfied with access to quality information.  However some improvements were required and these are listed below.


You said Our response
I need more guidance in finding information.
  • Services at the Information Points in the LRCs have been further developed so that our staff can give you more guidance in finding quality information.
  • Online induction and information skills modules have been produced to enable you to acquire information skills and therefore assist you in your information search
  • Subject web pages are continually updated in your subject area.
  • Self-help guides including checklists and subject-specific guides are available both online and in the LRCs for you in the display stands
There are not enough books in my subject area. We reviewed our collection and bought more up-to-date books in heavily-used subject areas.  The collection is reviewed on an ongoing basis
I need books issued to me for a longer period of time. Books were moved from short-loan to one-week loans where appropriate and the number of times a book can be renewed was increased from one to two
I need more electronic resources. More full text electronic resources, e-books and e-journals have been purchased in all subject areas.  This is in response to your requests and in keeping with the Library's Collections and Information Access Policy.  Such resources are bought to give maximum access on and off campus.
There are not enough e-journals and print journals in my subject area. The print and electronic collections of journals were reviewed and continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  More e-journals were bought to meet this demand.
There are not enough PCs in the LRCs. The number of PCs was substantially increased in the four LRCs. In addition, comprehensive wireless access has been provided throughout the LRCs
There are not enough group study rooms in Belfast and Coleraine. The opening of the state of the art LRCs in Coleraine in 2007 and Belfast in 2008, provided a range of study environments which reflected those already provided in Jordanstown and Magee. This included
  • group study rooms with wireless access/pcs/tekpanels
  • silent study area with PCs
  • individual study areas
  • social seating areas
  • dedicated PC areas
There is too much noise in the LRCs Zoning was implemented in the four LRCs with the provision of quiet study areas in the reading rooms and quiet study rooms.  Elsewhere a certain level of noise is acceptable.  It is noted that the number of complaints has fallen sharply in the last few years.
Opening hours are not adequate.
  • Opening hours have been reviewed and adjusted in all campuses according to local need, for example in Jordanstown the LRC opens at 8.30am and in Coleraine the LRC now opens on Sundays during semesters 1 and 2.
  • Extended weekend opening is in place at exam time in January and May. 
  • Similarly we now close at 8pm on Friday evening since there is no demand to remain open until 10pm. 
  • Opening hours are continually monitored and kept under review.
Queues at the photocopiers and printers are too long.
  • Photocopiers have been upgraded to higher specification multi-functional devices.
  • An increased number of photocopiers is now in place in the LRCs. 
  • The number of printers has also increased. 
  • We are aware that there are problems with the printing service and are investigating this at present.
Cost of printing is too high. The cost of printing to you has not increased in the last few years despite substantial increases in our costs.

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