In April/May 2005 the University of Ulster Library carried out the LibQUAL+™ survey. The whole University community, all students and staff, where invited to take part in the survey.
The information gathered from the survey will be crucial in helping the library to plan and develop our services to support learning and research.

We would like to thank all staff and students who took the time to complete the survey.

What is LibQUAL+™?

The survey is provided by LibQUAL+™. It is an international survey in which over 730 academic libraries worldwide have participated since 2000, including several in the UK and Ireland.
For more information on LibQUAL+™ please go to their web site at LibQUAL+™.

Who took part in the survey

Below is a brief summary of who took part in the survey.
The survey was e-mailed to all staff and students.
We received 1,993 completed surveys. The breakdown of respondents in the survey was as follows.

By user group

User Group No. Completed Percentage of Respondents
Undergraduate 1,378 69%
Postgraduate 262 13%
Academic staff 231 12%
Other staff 122 6%

By campus

Campus No. Completed Percentage of Respondents
Belfast 75 4%
Coleraine Central 277 14%
Coleraine South 186 9%
Jordanstown 1,040 52%
Magee 353 18%
Portrush 36 2%
Campus One 22 1%

Prize winners of the LibQUAL+ 2005 survey

Everyone who completed the survey had the opportunity to enter a prize draw for 3 iPod minis.

The winners are;
Denise Earley
Elaine Philbin
Patrick Wilson

ipod winners

iPod winners Patrick Wilson & Denise Earley being presented with their iPod minis by Elaine Urquhart, Assistant Director of Information Services (Library)


Results of the 2005 survey

Key findings

Radar Chart for the Core Question Summary for the University of Ulster


Explanation of the Chart

  • Each "spoke" represents one question
  • Areas shaded Yellow - below the "desired" service level
  • Areas shaded Blue - greater than the "minimum" service level
  • Areas shaded Red - below the "minimum" service level.

How did we do?

The questions which scored well all fall in the “Affect of Service” and all relate to library staff.
The questions which came closest to the “Desired” target were,

  1. Library staff who instill confidence in users.
  2. Library staff who deal with users in a caring fashion
  3. Library staff who have the knowledge to answer users questions.

The red falls in the “Library as Place” and our weakest scores were to the questions

  1. Quiet place for individual work
  2. Library space that inspires study and learning
  3. A haven for study, learning and research.

What happens now?

Work is proceeding on producing action plans which will focus on areas raised by the comments received.
These areas are noise, IT, Printers, Photocopiers, Books and journal access
When in agreed and in place the action plan will be posted on this webpage.

Where can I find more results?

For a summary of results go to  summary.

For the complete LibQUAL+ report for the University of Ulster go to full results.

Summary of comments on subject resources go to comments.

Further information

If you would like any further information on the LibQUAL+™ survey then please contact


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