Frequently Asked Questions about LibQual+TM 2013


What is LibQUAL+TM ?:
LibQUAL+TM  is a web-based survey designed to measure the quality of library services based on the perceptions of students, faculty and staff.


Why is the Library at Ulster conducting the LibQUAL+TM survey?
Ulster Library is committed to improving your library services.  Better understanding your expectations will help us tailor those services to your needs.  Results from LibQUAL+TM surveys carried out in 2011, 2009 and 2005 have been used to make improvements, based on your priorities. 


Why should I bother with this survey?
This is an opportunity to make suggestions about how the library service  can be improved.  Check out some of the improvements we made following the previous LibQUAL+
TM survey.
As a 'thank you' completed surveys which include an email address will be entered into a draw for one of four £100 Amazon vouchers.


Who will participate?
An invitation to take part in the survey will be emailed to all students and staff at the University of Ulster.


When is LibQUAL+TM taking place?
11-29 November 2013.


How much time will the survey take?
It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

The survey contains questions about library services and a box for open-ended comments and suggestions.

Is the survey anonymous?
Yes.  There is no means of linking your answers to your identity.


What are the questions about?
The main questions are about three aspects of library services:

  • service attitude of staff (e.g. responsiveness, understanding, courtesy)
  • access to information (e.g. books, journals, electronic resources)
  • library as a place (e.g. environment, quiet study space, group study space).


How does the survey work?
For each of the main questions, you are asked to rate on a scale where “1” represents the lowest level of services and “9” the highest:

  • your minimum acceptable level of service - what you expect
  • the level of service you personally desire - what you want
  • the level of service you believe the Libraries currently provide - what you get


Why do the questions have three parts?
By asking about minimum, desired, and perceived service levels, LibQUAL+
TM lets us see where library services are

  • Below the minimum acceptable level
  • Better than the minimum, but less than the desired level
  • Exceeding expectations


What do “minimum acceptable” and “desired” service levels mean?  Doesn’t everyone want the best possible service?
Different services are important to different people.

Think of restaurants:
One that serves unappetising food, has apathetic waiters, and is a bit shabby would probably offer the lowest level of service you could think of, or a “1” on a nine-point scale.

A “9” on the same scale might represent the kind of service offered at a five-star restaurant that serves gourmet cuisine, has a maitre d’, attentive waiters, and stylish surroundings.

Your minimum acceptable and desired service levels would probably fall somewhere between these extremes – it’s for you to say.

In the same way, you can decide for yourself how to rate library services based on your own needs, expectations, and experiences.


Where can I get more information?
Contact the LIBQUAL+
TM  team by emailing

Or visit the LIBQUAL+TM  website