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What is LibQUAL+TM ?

LibQUAL+TM is a web based survey designed to measure the quality of library services based on the perceptions of students and staff. The survey by ARL is rigorously tested and totally confidential.

LibQUAL+TM  gives staff and students an opportunity to report back to the University's library management team and identity where services need improvement. It also enables library performance to be compared with that of other academic libraries.

The 2013 survey ran 11th-29th November.
Many thanks to those who completed the 2013 survey.
A summary report and the full results of the 2013 LibQUAL survey are now available.
A final report, LIBQUAL 2013 Service Improvements - Responses to your feedback, is now available.


You Said.. We Did..: How we responded to your comments from previous surveys

Find out more about the survey at Ulster, on our frequently asked questions page.

For more information about LIBQUAL+TM 2013, visit the LIBQUAL+TM  website.