Special Equipment, Assistive Technology and Facilities

There is a variety equipment available in the Libraries to help students with disabilities.  


Campus Library

CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) for enlarging print

Available in Jordanstown, Belfast and Coleraine

Networked PC workstation with a range of assistive software and a flatbed scanner

Available in all the campus Libraries

Induction loop system for hearing impaired

Available in all campus Libraries

Information Services provide full details of IT solutions and support.

Student Support disability services can provide training and support for a wide range of Assistive Technology.


Campus Library

Low level networked PCs and library catalogues

Available in all campus Libraries

Low level/modified service desks

Available in all campus Libraries

Group Study Rooms that can be booked for one-to-one study support sessions Available in all campus Libraries

*Coleraine Library: Group Study Room 1 can be booked for individual study by students with a disability. An additional PC for students with a disability is available in the Quiet Study Area

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