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Electronic Resources - Terms and Conditions 0f Use

Services are restricted to UU staff & students. Many services are accessible off-campus using ATHENS or password provided. Under no circumstances may you reveal your passwords to anyone else.

Users must adhere to the Use of University Computing & Data Communications Policy, the Athens Terms and Conditions & the CHEST Code of Conduct.

Anonymised aggregation of usage data
When you search for and/or access bibliographic resources such as journal articles, your request may be routed through the UK OpenURL Router Service (openurl.ac.uk), which is administered by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh.  The Router service captures and anonymises activity data which are then included in an aggregation of data about use of bibliographic resources throughout UK Higher Education (UK HE).  The anonymised aggregated usage data will be made publicly available to local institutions, and others, so they can improve existing services and build new applications / services. The aggregation usage data contains no information that could identify you as an individual.
[more info on using OpenURL Activity Data]

Last updated: 05/05/11
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