What is it?

Your Student Network username and password allows you to access the PCs in the computer suites and the Libraries. For information on acceptable use and other regulations, see: http://www.ulster.ac.uk/isd/itus/docs/

When you register for your course you will be issued with a Student ID card which is your official University ID. Please keep it safe and do not lend your ID card to anyone else. You need it for a variety of purposes:

  • It serves as your library card  - you need to present it at the Library Issue Desk if you want to borrow books etc.
  • You must show it when sitting exams.
  • You must present it to security staff if you wish to work late in any of the computer suites.
  • You  may be asked to present it as proof of identity at any other time by University staff.

In addition, the "B" number on the ID card doubles as your Student Network username

Where do I get the password?

If you are on campus, there are dedicated PCs, known as Password Kiosks, that are normally located close to the Information Points within the Libraries.  You will need your Student ID number and PIN (your date of birth in DDMMYY format) to login to the Password Kiosk. Once in, select the option for passwords.

If you are off-campus (i.e. at home) the information is available from the Banner Self Service system. Again, you will need to log in with your Student ID and PIN and then select the appropriate option. 

First Use:

The login procedure for students is the same within the Libraries and IT laboratories on every campus. If you are visiting a campus, other than the one at which you are based normally, you can still login and use the PCs there. At the Windows login screen, enter your student ID number and network password in the appropriate fields.

Press the OK button to complete the process.

When do I use it?

If you wish to use a PC in the Library or any of the IT open area labs. To access University services off-campus see: Portal / Blackboard, Student email (Office 365) and OpenAthens.

Remember - You must log out when you are finished. Click on Start and Log off User.  


What happens if it doesn't work?

For security reasons, during the year you may be prompted to change your password again, but if you encounter a problem, you should visit the Password Kiosk in the Library (see above) in the first instance.

Login (using your Student ID and PIN)
select the option to change your network password.
Then go to a student PC and try to login again using the new password.

If this does not work, contact a member of staff at the Library Information Point or the ICT Customer Service Desk by phone on 90366777 or email servicedesk@ulster.ac.uk

Password information may be subject to change. For up to date information see also: ICT Customer Services page


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