What is it?

The Portal is a personalised gateway to many of the online services provided by the University, such as email, online library services, Blackboard, and other services such as well-being & support and the personal development planning system (PDS). It acts as point of focus for messages sent to you by your faculty and announcements from other University departments.

Where do I find it?

There is a Student Portal icon on every PC in the Libraries and IT labs. For off-campus access, either click on the Portal link on the University homepage or go to: http://portal.ulster.ac.uk

Your login ID is your Student ID and your network password. For more information about your network password, and the services this allows access to, please check the Information Services Students page

When do I use it?

Whenever and wherever you want as long as you have internet access!  The Portal aims to provide seamless authentication to password protected services such as Blackboard, OpenAthens, the Personal Development Planning system (PDS) and OPUS (the student placement service), so that means you don't have to remember lots of individual logins to these services. It also contains information on:

  • Uni Life - General University information
  • My Studies - Information relating directly to your University course
  • Learning Resources - Online resources such as the Library catalogue and electronic journals
  • My Career - Careers information and placement opportunities
  • Admin and Services - Links to the ICT Customer Services website and the student handbook
  • Well-being and Support - Information on support for child care, disability, finance and counselling

For more information see also: Information Services - Students


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