What are they?

A small number of databases do not display the symbol. These databases are not part of OpenAthens Authentication system and will require specific passwords to access their services. Some of these will be accessible on and off-campus, whereas a few will be available on campus only.

Where do I get them?

If you are on-campus, go to Databases, locate the one you wish to access and click on the 'special instructions' link. This will display the username and password and will indicate if the resource is available on or off campus. If no password information is shown, then none is required.

If you are accessing the Databases page from an off-campus locations, the 'special instructions' link will not provide the password, for security reasons. However a link is provided to a secure page displaying the database password. You will first be asked to enter your Student ID and network password to verify that you are a valid Ulster student.

When do I use them?

If the database you wish to use does not have  an symbol in its description.

What happens if they don't work?

  • The username and password is normally case sensitive - make sure you are entering both exactly as given in the 'special instructions' section.
  • You may be using the wrong password - most databases use OpenAthens Authentication.
  • Some services do not permit off-campus use. Check the Databases page for details.
  • Alternatively, the database may be temporarily unavailable - try later.


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