What is it?

The University currently provides a web-based email service to all students via Microsoft's Office 365, which includes access to OneDrive, your online file storage space. Further information about Office 365 at the University, and the currently available features, can be found on the Information Services Students page.

Where do I get my password?

Your email information will have been provided for you at enrolment OR you can find your new email address and login details at: http://ssb.ulster.ac.uk (use your Student ID "B" number and your PIN to login)

How do I access my email?

You can access your University email anywhere there is internet access. The recommended method is via the My Email link/button on the University Portal. Alternatively, go directly to: http://email.ulster.ac.uk.

What do I need to login to Email?

To login to the service you will need:

Your University email address (e.g. smith-abc@email.ulster.ac.uk)
Your Email/Office 365 password.


When do I use it?

Any time and anywhere you want! Of course, you may also continue to use personal email address on Hotmail etc. However we strongly recommend that you check your University email address on a very regular basis because:

  • The Library gives you 48 hours advance warnings about books reaching their due date and will send  immediate notification of the arrival of reserved books, or recalls. This will allow you to take appropriate action and avoid heavy fines. 
  • All notifications of fines and overdue books or reservations etc. are sent to your Ulster email address only. It is YOUR responsibility to check your email each day for any Library correspondence.
  • Many lecturers will contact you exclusively via email, due to ongoing problems with viruses, 'bounce back' messages, spam messages and the limited size of "free" email accounts. 



For more detailed information and help see: Information Services Students page


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