What is it?

Using the power of Blackboard Learn, students have access to their lecture notes, class discussions, their module reading lists and resources and the various electronic databases and electronic journals to which the University subscribes.

Many campus-based students also have their module resources available through Blackboard Learn.

How do I get access to it?

From the University E-learning page http://www.ulster.ac.uk/elearning/ you can select 'Your Login' or go directly to Blackboard Learn.

Your login ID is your Student ID and your network password. For more information about your network password, and the services this allows access to, please check the Information Services Quick Guide to Accounts & Passwords.

Alternatively, you can login to the Portal, using your student ID and network password. There will be a link to Blackboard at the top of the Portal page.

When do I use it?

If you are a distance learning student, you will access all of your subject and course information through this route.
If you are a student based on campus, you may need to use it to access certain resources such as lecture notes or handouts, if your lecturer is using Blackboard as a teaching tool.

What happens if it doesn't work?

There is comprehensive help on the Campus One Website, including what  to do if you forget either your ID or password and other frequently asked questions.

For more information, see: University's E-learning site or ask your lecturer.


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