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The Belfast Telegraph archive covers all articles from the Belfast Telegraph from November 1995. As well as being able to search by keyword through the main paper, there is a separate facility for searching particular editions of the newspaper, and monthly editions of the Business Telegraph.
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The archive can be viewed from any PC in the University of Ulster with internet access. It is also possible to access it from outside the University with the username and password.

The username and password is available from library staff.

Once the Netscape or Internet Explorer browser has been opened, type this URL into the location box:

Alternatively, follow the links from the library home page

Click on Electronic information services, and select Belfast Telegraph from the list of databases.

You now have access to today’s (or yesterday’s) newspaper.

Click on the archive icon to access past articles.

Click on archive search facility.

You are now at the search screen.
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Basic Search

Enter your keywords into the appropriate box. The more keywords you enter, the more likely you are to get an accurate hit. The search facility allows you to key in free text, for example, a phrase like recent investment in Belfast city centre.

Click on search the archives.

Alternatively, you can search for an issue of the Belfast Telegraph. A synopsis of all the main stories of that particular day will appear in a list.

There is a separate search box for the business editions of the Belfast Telegraph.

Advanced search.

Use more keywords if you find you are getting too many hits. Use different keywords if you are getting too few hits.

Use Boolean operators to help make your search more specific. Combining search terms with and will narrow the search. Using or between terms will widen the search, and using and not will exclude one of the terms from your search.
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Once you have completed your search, a list of articles should appear. They do not appear as the full text of the article, only a brief description. To read the full text of an article you are interested in, click on the highlighted article title.

A box will appear asking for a username and password. These are available from library staff.

Once the username and password have been completed, click on OK. This information only needs to be entered once. It does not ask again for a username and password.

The full text of the article will now be available.

To return to the list of articles click on the browser’s back button.
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If a printer is attached to your PC, and having found some articles you wish to print, select the print button.

Saving to disk

To save articles to disk, make sure your disk is formatted and place it in the a:\ drive. Highlight the text you wish to save by dragging the cursor across the desired text with your mouse. Select save from the file menu. In the print dialog box, type a name for the file in the file name area, select drive a:\, and click on save.
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Help is available from the search screen. Scroll down the screen and click on help on searching.
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To exit, click on the home button on the browser, or click on the x in the top right hand corner.
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April 1999