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Passwords for Distance Learning Students

The Library offers access to a range of electronic resources including databases and electronic journals.  All of these can be accessed from the Library home page.

Many of the databases and journals can be accessed off campus but you will need usernames and passwords to do so.  This guide will give you information about your Athens account, other usernames and passwords that you will need and also tells you who to contact if you have any problems.


What is it?
Your Athens username and password will enable you to access a range of databases and journals both on and off campus.  Your username and password remain the same throughout your studies and become invalid as soon as your course is finished.

Athens and WebCT

You should be able to access all the Library's resources that are accessible with an Athens account automatically when you log in through WebCT. 

To do this, log on to WebCT as normal.  This will bring you to the MyWebCT page.

 Look for the UU Library Athens Link on this page.  Click on this link.

The Login Announcement window should appear on the screen telling you that you've been successfully authenticated to use Athens resources - this means that you should now be able to access all the Library's resources that are accessible with an Athens account automatically.  You should not have to enter your Athens account details - this is all done for you behind the scenes.

The next screen will display the Library Home Page.  From here you can search the databases, electronic journals, subject guides etc.

Checking your Athens account details

On occasions the automatic access does not work and you will be prompted to put in your Athens account, even when you've logged on first to WebCT.  It's important then to know how to get your account details.

You can check what your Athens username and password details are by going to the Banner Student and Faculty Self Service web page at https://oa1.ulster.ac.uk/PROD/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin.
Enter your User ID and PIN and click on Login.

At the next screen click on the Personal Information tab.

Then on View Student ID, Password and Email Address.

Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to view your Athens username and password. 

If you have any problems accessing your Athens account, please contact Library staff (names are listed at the bottom of this page).

When do I use it?

The Library databases are listed, in a table, on the Databases page at http://library.ulster.ac.uk/electronic/  At the top of the table there is a row of symbols - note the  symbol. 

As you scroll through the table of databases, look at the information which is displayed in the right hand column (Service Details) for each database title - any title which displays the   symbol means that it can be accessed with an Athens username and password. 

Logging on first through WebCT and using the route described above means that when you click on the name of the database to access it you should have automatic access.

It's the same for access to journals - if you are accessing journals using the UU Library Athens Link (as described above) you should not need to enter your Athens account details - this is all done for you behind the scenes.

The Library's collection of full text electronic journals is available from the Electronic Journals link on the Library home page (http://library.ulster.ac.uk/). Click on the link.

You should automatically by-pass the screen asking you to enter your Athens account.  The next screen you see with be the TDnet home page.  TDnet is the University's listing of full text electronic journals. From this page you will be able to search through the listing and view full text articles.

What happens if my account doesn't work?

The username and password are case sensitive.  This means that the letters at the beginning of both the username and the password should be in lower case.  Are you mistaking an O (letter) for a 0 (zero) or a 1 (number) for a lower case l (letter "L")?


What happens if my Athens account expires?

Your Athens account should remain active throughout your studies.  If, however, you try to access a service and a message is displayed informing you that your account has expired, please contact Library staff so that we can reset it for you.

What if I lose it/forget it?

If you have lost or forgotten your account username and password contact Library staff.  We should be able to check for your Athens details.

Other Passwords

Some of the resources that the Library subscribes to cannot be accessed with an Athens account.

If you are on-campus you should be able to access username and password details on the Library's Databases page.  To do this:

  • Go to the Library's A-Z list of electronic databases on the Databases page and scroll to the database you want to access.
  • Instead of clicking on the name of the database (second column from left) as you would normally do to access the databases, click on the link to password and access information in the fourth column from the left (Special Instructions column). 

  • The screen displayed will give details of the username and password required.  

If you are off-campus you will need to contact Library staff for usernames and passwords.


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Last updated: 06/07/10
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